Henry Kellam


Henry Kellam is a specialist in strategic ‘sector-wide’ planning, management and sustainable capacity building for participatory development that involves all levels of government and key stakeholders. His long and accumulative experiences are highly transferable to most any sector development initiatives. Key areas include:

  • Multi-disciplinary program/project management and personnel development.
  • Public sector reform to improve the delivery/quality of public services and greater local autonomy.
  • ‘Sector wide’ aid-coordination, grant preparation, disaster relief, humanitarian and human rights operations.
  • Interventions for the poor and vulnerable (particularly children) affected by, HIV/AIDs, war, political injustice, famine or natural disasters.
  • Participatory approaches to plan and manage land, water, sanitation and conservation-based interventions.
  • Citizen participation in local governance and institutionalizing participatory integrated development processes.
  • Citizen awareness and participation for increased government accountability and anti-corruption measures.

Strong management in any development program/project is always the highest priority.  In order to succeed, strong relationships and culturally sensitive rapports must be nurtured with and between key stakeholders and individual counterparts in order to develop mutual trust and respect – resulting in greater ownership and sustainability.

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